Author: Dennis White

Faith at it’s Worth

Faith at it’s Worth

The Mustered Seed Faith

I know I have heard that this seed is about having little faith and it moving mountains. Others have taught this is about the seed being the church with small beginnings and yes those can apply but I think those miss the large picture.

The parables before this parable are about God and what His Kingdom is like. According to scripture, God is about reproducing Himself and bringing about His Kingdom on earth.(Mat. 6:10) Jesus came to undo the works that the devil(1 John 3:8) did and bring reconciliation for mankind. Jesus was to remove the separation between God and man so we became the temple of God. The separation happened because of the fall of Adam in the garden. (1 cor. 15:22 and verse 45)  We are His children! ( Galatians 3:26)

I have heard Christian teachers say Jesus was not about Faith!

Faith is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6) in fact it is impossible to please God without Faith.  If we view mountains as trials in life then  I think we need a lot of Faith since Jesus was all about Faith and saying over and over, ” o ye of little faith”  (Mathew 8:26, Mathew 6:30, Mathew 6:27, Isaiah 40:6-8)    (To mention a few and the  relations to the bible and plants to us.)

I think a little faith might relate to a new born Christian. I believe that the Christian (Believer) then needs to mature into the character of the mustard seed (sanctification) as it learns to persevere and become stable in its growth and overcoming. (Revelation 3:21 and to all the churches)

I believe also that we then must be about others (Agape Love)(Mathew 10:8) (Mathew 28:19-20) as it multiplies and fertilizes the soil for the next season of fruit on the vine for themselves but becomes more about others first or thinking of them before us. We are commanded to seek first the Kingdom of God with a hunger and a thirst after righteousness.(Mathew 6:32-24)

What is righteousness and how do we obtain it?
pure, pure gold, holiness, sanctification

Righteousness is being like God : Holy and pure minded! ( 1 Cor. 2:16)

It operates in God’s love and it seeks to be well pleasing to God. It is the fear of the lord in a reverential way. It longs to Love what God Loves and Hate what God Hates. It is Holiness done threw the blood of the lamb and lived out threw sanctification in our daily walk.

Most of this we know and hear all the time but do not apply it and yet the Kingdom of heaven is like because these are Gods character and nature!

How long the Jesus disciples Have?

They did not have 40 years or more to learn!

How many times like in Hebrews do we hear you are on milk when you should be eating meat?  ( Hebrews 5:12, 1 Corinthians 3:2, 1 cor. 13:1-13) ( most don’t attain any of this before death} (Mathew 7:16)


I think it is time for us to grow into man hood or adult and not remain as a child or infant. Faith is what allows us to trust God and see God in action because what we could not see but believed starts to manifest in the physical…………. FAITH IS SIMPLY A FORM OF BELIEVE! .. (Pistos) We know we believe when we don’t waver in trials and persecution but rejoice giving praises to God in it all and mean it. I need this today. . Thank you Lord!mustard seed, faith, holiness, the fathers house

The rest of the story : Meat

We are to guard the vineyard and be like the mustard seed and follow hard after Jesus and protect the vine or the true gospel. We are to have a faith that won’t quit but one that is contages and multiplies its fruit and exposes all untruth and darkness. It roots out the thrones in us for all to see and shares what God has done in us.  We do this to Him all glory, honor and praise because we cannot do it on our own.. You see if we do not do this then we just practice religion and have words but no action! All of those watching see it and they see us blown around acting like a chameleon. We change and conform to whatever we are around instead of being steadfast. We then have a faith of wrong works or no works that is consumed by fire and burns up because this faith is placed in wrong things.

In these times,

two in the field, end time harvest, Kingdom of heaven This will put two in the field side by side working together but only one taken or his. The guarding of truth or returning to truth these days is the only way Gods kingdom shall return. Indeed the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, but not like what’s taught as it is so much more. If you where the devil and you could get people to believe in small faith and not character of God :  Would that not be a Huge advantage to you in deceiving Gods children and cause them to fall.

You see small faith is easily killed by doubt and unbelief!

We are not to stay as infants in need of milk but to move to meat with a trusting attitude. We are not to remain like a child except in out trust in God and not in ourselves.

Remember Jesus in Mathew said repeatedly said “oohh you of little faith” . . . but these fruits shall manifest in those who are mine ….( Gal 5:22)  and remember Without faith, it is impossible to please God and Jesus asks will he find faith on earth when he returns?

The Balance Of Things

Let’s say for a moment that God uses a scale that has on one side, your flesh and its fruit but on the other side Is the Holy Spirit and its fruit… (based off gal. 5). He even tells us to use this scale to determine who are his when the Bible says by their fruit you shall know them ..

 What kind of tree they are perhaps. Are they a good tree bearing good fruit or a bad tree bearing bad or no fruit. Does he know them in communion or not.( Mat 7 )

Fruit of  the flesh is the knowledge of good and evil that the first Adam chose and is the  way of life that is always under Justice and law of the bond woman of slavery and not free or the freedom in Christ.

The use of the mustard seed in the physical

The mustard plant is a plant that grows in the winter months. In the summer months, the grapes for wine are grown and the vineyard keeper plants these mustard plants to help fertilize the soil but also to keep unwanted weeds and insects away. The very plant protects the vineyard.

 It makes for a healthy summer season when the vineyard grows its fruit for the season of new wine and new Harvest.

If There is a God, Why Did He Let This Happen?

If There is a God, Why Did He Let This Happen?


Do i have the complete answer written here no but it is on the right track. Details of how God does it is personal to each with common ground with Jesus and the Holy Spirit at work in us and threw us..

While thinking just now, the thought appeared about how violent things where in the old testament by Gods chosen people even. I have had many ask why all this violence and religions justify there violence threw this.

Man was not like this in the garden. Adam started a tradition and put man in a state  of rebellion against God for all man kind. This rebellion goes into things done and thoughts we think and perspectives to where they are generally against Gods by default. all these things changed and have different levels of degrading farther away from Gods mind and thinking. The farther we drift from how it was before the fall in the garden, the more we degrade in thought and action. This is the more we do that is contrary to God and His nature and will. The more we do our will and not Gods will.
Jesus came to restore and make possible to have minds, actions and a possible state of reconciliation back to like before the garden. The first murder was after the garden and a first descendant of Adam and eve where Cain killed his brother able. This is a natural state of human decay without God.

We devolve from love and order to cayuse and murder.

Sin Separates Us From God
The more sin enters in the more that sin separates us from God  and the more of these things we will do.  Man in the old testament is so bent on wanting this stuff thatnwas against God that God had to make the tora and the ten commandments to govern that lawlessness. Humans still did what they wanted and killed and murdered and this was a way of life and thinking to get what they (man) wanted.
Those who truly lived by Gods laws new that was not Gods best or what God wanted and This is why God sent His Son Jesus.

God Is A Just God !
You see God destroyed the earth and all on it in a flood because of the sin and separation from Him by man. Noah and and his family where all that was left of humans after the flood.
God did a miracle and kept the gene pool working.
Jesus a descendant of Abraham Isac and Jacob filled the prophecies ( Isaiah had 200 prophecies alone about the messiah and other prophetic books had more prophecies too) that where told by the men who could hear and speak for God. Jesus was the only man to fulfill all of those prophecies and most mabe filled one. What are those odds to fill even 3?    Man tends to not want to hear God but run from Him ( example israel in the Desert) because they can not understand Him and they want to only trust in themselves. This thinking reveals a lot of religion stances.
Jesus changed things, He made a way to return to the mind God has and return to being in favor with God and be pleasing to Him again  or God would wipe all human kind off this earth again and have to start all over.

It is man that separates themselves from God.
What we do effects us but effects others. Is also called sowing and reaping or also cause and effect. If we rape a girl, it effects them normally for the rest of there life but also her children and who knows how many people she comes into contact with. Today in church and out people live and die with the same brokenness in there life. She see s herself  as a damaged a person who feels no value or worth. I can not be forgiven or any good.

God made a different way and only a few grab that way and listen to Him as most reject that way and degrade to a further separation from him with causes and effects compounded in there life and others in that separation.
This again is not how God wants it or his will but how man wants it and causes it.
We must bring that Hope and bring that answer if we have the love of God in us.( The Is The Gosple Of Jesus Christ)

Grace Undersold & Now Revealed

Grace Undersold & Now Revealed

We all know very well that Grace is unmerited favor from God. Many of us have heard that all our life.

What is grace that is used in 2 cor 12:9 in Red s

2 Cor 12:9

9 And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.”

Paul was beseeching God (  v8 ) That a devils servant would leave Him alone when God spoke this and is why it is in red. Interestingly enough it might depart is translated aposee (868) strongs

Grace used by God is Charis and we mostly looked at how the king James translated it. (acceptable, benefit, favor, gift while its counterpart word charisma means a gratuity, deliverance (from danger or passion) but both Charis and charisma say specifically endowment and charisma says a miraculous faculty a and Charis  calls it the divine influence upon the heart and it reflection in the life.

We can see the attributes most commonly taught but we see a divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life as an endowment or miraculous quality.

Let’s see examples of Grace and apply the full definition of grace in old and New Testament.

Esther 2:16-17…Here Ester has the favor of God on her and her life and gains the favor of those around her.

Jeremiah 31:2-3  We find God having helped those in the wilderness through mercy because of a promise. We can find many of these two examples in the Old Testament and those who had these qualities like Saul, Moses, Elijah, Elisha job, and many many more but they displayed the power side of grace as well As displaying full grace.

Acts 15:39- 40  Here we see Grace as something sought after and prayed for by Paul and Silas and others praying it on them. Shown as favor, mercy and whatever the need is in the moment by Paul and Silace.

2 Corinthians  12:8-9   We find God telling Paul that Gods grace is sufficient and made perfect in our human inabilities or weaknesses. Displaying every aspect as well from favor of God to the empowerment for the Gospel and everyday lifeif we read full chapter

Hebrews 4:6  we can walk confidently and go boldly before Gods throne of grace to receive mercy and to find Grace in the times of need..  The words “Times of need” cover all aspects in preaching the Gospel to everyday life. Times of need are those who realize they can do nothing on there own and full trust and rely on God for all things.

John 1:14   We see the Word (LOGOS) became flesh (Jesus, yeshua, joushua, the messiah)(not to be thrown around in vane or sound like a studier or better if you do you might as well call him jc for lack of reverence and fear) and dwelt among us and he was full of Gods Glory (Shakina) and was full of Grace and Truth and we are to be like Him to the world in attributes and mind.

Acts 4:33 We see the ones Jesus taught preaching with Power because Great grace was upon them.

Acts 11:22-24   We see that when Barnabas went to Antioch, Barnabas could see that Grace was upon them and was glad and told them to remain faithful and Barnabas was a good man full of the Holy Spirit and of Faith.   How was it that this Grace could be seen and was on those full of the Holy Spirit and those also Full of Faith?

Acts 14:1-3 They are empowered to speak boldly to those against them (unbelievers and today we find this among those who say they believe) and display sign and wonders by their hands. Truth rejected.

John 1:15-17   John says we receive Christ fullness and receive it Grace upon Grace. It is learned by obedience and yielding to Him as Lord. He says Jesus came before him in rank and through Him and we have received the fullness for the Law was given through Moses but Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ.

Acts 20:32 We find that Grace is able to build us up (Jude reference building up your most holy faith) and give you the inheritance among those who are sanctified. (Grace for Grace the sanctification process in everyday life but done by the blood of the lamb (Jesus)(Word)(Logos) before the foundation of the world).

Romans 1:1-5 Lots of info as to Where and who is the bringer of this Grace. It also talks about how this grace helps us through the Spirit of holiness because of Jesus and his resurrection. It is by this we receive the grace of apostleship and to bring about the obedience of faith to all the nations.  (The great commission)

Hebrews 12:15 Here we are told that a root of bitterness or unforgiveness will stand in the way of Grace. We see that we become defiled by this unforgiveness and instead of grace flowing out of our heart, bitterness and hate begin to flow and defile us if we allow it to rule us and our life and not repent. If we can not forgive then we shall not be forgiven. Our motives (our Hearts) change and are not pure and disobedience and often anger and resentment rule us!

Romas 3:20-24  We find that righteousness comes from apart from the law and the law and the Prophets bear witness to it. Righteousness is to those who believe in Jesus as Lord.  ( ( but there is a reflection in the Life)  The believer displays good fruit and turns in repentance of what is evil in Gods sight. This is the blood covering while we learn obedience unto all things subjected to Christ. (We have to remember and apply all scripture)  What if we decide to cling to bitterness? What if we decide not to follow Jesus or turn to a religion or to not repent of sin or (apostate, fall away)? What if we decide to habitually display the fruit of the flesh and die?) Why does the bible warn us on these things?

Romans 5:1-2 We are Justified by Faith (believe) and that display fruit of peace and gain access to grace in order to stand while rejoicing in the Glory of God.

Romans 5:12-21 Here we plainly find What Jesus stands for and why He is the only way through His Love (agape) and Grace! All aspects of what grace is in these verses. We are Righteous through the blood of one and actions that lead to justification and “reign in life through one man Jesus Christ.”

 Finally Ephesians 2: 4-9   We return to why Paul spoke the way he did . We can do nothing in our own ability. We can’t earn a thing by what we do but what we do shows our Love back to the one who made it available. Do we want to be well pleasing to our father? We cannot continue on in sin and be raised up for light and darkness cannot dwell together(God is light and the devil is dark, there no grey as grey different levels of darkness) and have no association with each other. This is why the warning about those who try to trample the cross. This is why the warning of those in Mathew 7, Hebrews 6 and why Jude( all directed to or about a church in some way or both) warns us to not fall away or apostatize in mat 7 and Jude ( fall from grace, reject Jesus, turn from the faith ( what saves us)) and so he tells us how to handle the book of revelation. God loves us first and the first sign of His power is that salvation but then He gives us more grace to be an overcomer in life. He then also gives us grace to show his love in life to others while showing him our love for Him by turning from what he hates and sharing his love to others in our life, empowering us to do that. Be careful to not fall for human philosophy as truth as many mix that with scripture. Stay pure and Holy and that’s the fullness of what Grace is and the Fullness of what Christ is. The bible tells us this will hapen and yes the church is at fault, the end result of this does lie on the indevidual as we are to study to show ourselves approved by God. In the end it is the responsibility of each and every person to seek and find the truth and to share the truth. We must fan in the flame and keep the fire of God burning.

Jesus: The Manna From Heaven

Jesus: The Manna From Heaven


Who is Jesus and what gives Him the right to say He is the Son of God and the Manna from heaven?

This is argued by many religions as most now believe He existed (only after the proof he walked the earth came available.) They believe He was just a prophet like Mohammad or Buddha or like one of many others.

The Islamic way would argue Jesus would never say he was the Son of God! The Jews didn’t believe He was the Messiah or the Son of God or a King. They looked for signs but even though Jesus filled every one of the 300 (200 prophecies in Isaiah), they rejected him and couldn’t see through their religion because He was not as they expected and did not teach as they expected.

So again, Why does he say He is the Son of God, The Bread of Life?

In order to answer this, we must first establish his roots. We need to know where he comes from and to do that we start in John 1:1

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things came into being by Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. John 1:1-5

To me, this seems to describe most of what we have talked about already.  Now we need to know who this “Word” is since Jesus’ claims seem to fit that description.

How can we find out who the Word is?

I want to start by showing a different translation of the bible that is also called the word but is a translated version of the word to English.

1 IN THE beginning [before all time] was the Word (aChrist), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God bHimself.  [Isa 9:6.] 2 He was present originally with God. 3 All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. 4 In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.5 And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it].

We can have a more in depth understanding (both physically and spiritually) of what is going on here. I do this because we need to look and compare when we study to get the correct answers. What I just did above is an example of this.    One bible version may be clearer than another but I’ll show a translation that is an interpretation that misses the mark and leads astray on many things.  This interpretation has become popular these days and it is called the Message. Many today use this in place of a bible and even call it a bible but it is one individual’s interpretation of the bible written out. Scary, isn’t it…putting your eternity into a human’s interpretation.

John 1:1-51 The Word was first,the Word present to God,God present to the Word.The Word was God,2 in readiness for God from day one.3 Everything was created through him;nothing — not one thing! — came into being without him. 4 What came into existence was Life,and the Life was Light to live by.5 The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;the darkness couldn’t put it out.

(from THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language © 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson. All rights reserved.)

Now compare that to the above translations and you will see a person will miss most of who and what Jesus is and what the inspired word had to say for a diluted and watered down writing.

So now lets go deeper and see if I am right because you don’t want to take my word for it, that’s just as bad.   (greek pic here)

We can see that the word used is Logos and this logos was with Theon (God the father) in the beginning of creation and time itself. We can also see the logos is also God but is a different word called Theos. Theos was with  God (theon) and in v 3 we see the logos or Theon (theos) was the one who created everything and in v4 In the Logos (Theos) was the zooee life and He was the light of men except men were not created yet. V5 Darkness cannot comprehend the light of Theos or Logos.

In this we see the logos is life, zooee  life. He  spoke into existence the physical life and is the zooee (spiritual ) life.

The Word made flesh to give life to men

It is right after this we see John bearing witness to the light and preparing the way in John 1:6-8 (Mal. 3:1)  In v10 we can see a start of the verification and references to who Jesus was and why he came (until we get to v 14).

John 1:14

14 And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human, incarnate) and tabernacled (fixed His tent of flesh, lived awhile) among us; and we [actually] saw His glory (His honor, His majesty), such glory as an only begotten son receives from his father, full of grace (favor, loving-kindness) and truth.  [Isa 40:5.]

John 1:15-18

15 John testified about Him and cried out, This was He of Whom I said, He Who comes after me has priority over me, for He was before me. [He takes rank above me, for He existed before I did. He has advanced before me, because He is my Chief.]

16 For out of His fullness (abundance) we have all received [all had a share and we were all supplied with] one grace after another and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and even favor upon favor and gift [heaped] upon gift.

17 For while the Law was given through Moses, grace (dunearned, undeserved favor and spiritual blessing) and truth came through Jesus Christ.  [Ex 20:1.]

18 No man has ever seen God at any time; the only eunique Son, or fthe only begotten God, Who is in the bosom [in the intimate presence] of the Father, He has declared Him [He has revealed Him and brought Him out where He can be seen; He has interpreted Him and He has made Him known].  [Prov 8:30.]

Jesus is life to man and he is the I am

John 14:5-7 is now understood. The word life there is “I am” (the zooee life)    (pic I am)

Jesus: The Bread Of Life, Manna From Heaven

We can see several times a physical manna from heaven the kept physical bodies alive. Here is a list of scriptures on physical manna from heaven:

Exodus 16 (all of chapter)  Every day they had to put effort to go out and get the manna. Every day they had to be obedient to get it to see the glory of the Lord, but was the evening they got to see the lord provide meat to put with the manna. They were told on the 6th day to  put back double for and that was the Sabbath to test obedience. That was the only day the manna would not spoil from one day to the next. Many did not do as told and was disobedient .Num. 11

john 6:31-32 Jesus is the manna (bread) from heaven and again .. John6:53-65

nehemiah 9:13-19 The reference again to the thirst and food how moses represented and how stiff necked, turning to evil the Israelites where. …The Lord is forgiving ps 105:40

Rev. 2:12-17 Jesus is the Hidden manna for the believer who overcomes but notice what ws held against these people. We better apply thid to our lives today and not do what they did in Gods warning. The nicolation teachings practiced witchcraft and pagan bale traditions and only the overcomer of that gets the hidden manna. Rev 2:7

John 6:34-36 Jesus is to the soul what bread is to the body Man not live by bread alone but by evey word from the mouth of God..mat 4:4

deut 8:1-4 Fresh manna from heaven.. it renews the soul and is imperative and substance us.. It is how we are descipled by God through the Holy Spirit John 5:39, we are to search the scripture daily ( go get manna) and the new wine of life.

Today, it is just like the Israelites who were in the desert .  They didn’t know what true manna was and just like today muzzle not the ox that treads the grain.  They shouldn’t stop those that share the manna and sift the wheat.  This is the harvest fields (the ox),  not the sheep pin. The ox is not in the churches but they are those that go out. It is the disciple who obeys God and does as he is told by the spirit. They share the manna from heaven to the far reaches of earth.

Life Lessons From the Past

Life Lessons From the Past

We let our guard down

I don’t focus on evil spirits but their influence is very real. This is an excerpt of a book I am writing to help others grow as well.    To God Be All Glory!!        The battle of a believer is in the spirit and contends for the Faith which also means contending for Truth.

I once said when I cursed God and everything he stood for I had to do it even though I knew he was real.  I share stuff all the time to show how real he is and how he is active today but this is one such story that tells of the real spiritual realm also. This exposes the devil’s kingdom to shine light so people turn from it.

If my life experiences can help turn people from this or help build their Faith in God, then I want to do everything I can to do just that.     I will use the Good, the bad and even the ugly to show that in Christ Jesus we are overcomer’s.   This is the kingdom you are messing with if you dabble in magic, sorcery, star alignment, universe stuff, ouiji boards, vampires, horoscopes, fortune tellers and yes Halloween or any other pagan ritual. This is the dead, dark side. It is your Master if Jesus is not your master. If you Practice the arts or fill your mind with it in books and video, they will become a part of who you are.     I believe yoga and martial arts are two of the biggest gateways or doorways the enemy uses ( Eastern religion and traditions.)  This is what is messed with when you do the spirit calling motions and bow to your master to get the peace from within or the power from within.

Like the Holy Spirit, They want to inhabit you and make a home. It will tend to run your life and make the heart impure and deceived (unclean). It will defile the man when it comes out. It starts as a curiosity and moves to an obsession and then they possess you. They use gateways to entice us and we need to know our enemies tactics but also know Jesus and be known by Him. All things in our life make us what and who we are today so use this for good.

An interesting thing happened last night 5-2-2015. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t believe in learning the hard way.     That being said,  I believe in learning from mistakes of others both from life and from the bible.    My prayer for this is that it will bring to light a forgotten concept of where we live and reach down into you the need for Jesus. Once again, if my life experiences can bring about

In the bible (1 Pete1:5-7) it talks about manifold temptations and it is a way God will check your response and motives in situations and how you will respond.   It is also used to remove the log from your eye to see clearly to remove the log from another’s eye just like a regular life lessons. God is alive and active if we let him and if we Believe!      It  happens for me mostly in visions or dreams and once I learned it, I began to know and have no doubt for when the enemy attacks me. I count it all joy because I already overcame and he battles in the past mindset and that’s all he has.

Last night a similar thing happened only I was re-living a childhood experience. I know people today think differently than I do on stuff but this may help you to understand why I believe differently. This is a personal life experience that my brother and I shared.

It was just a kite

It was Just a Kite!   We didn’t practice it or dabble in the dark side or things that focused on the dead! We actually were against it already!!   The Bible calls it Divination and is not of God!   It is Demonic!  All we did was bring it home!

We were lying in bed and as I remember I was sound asleep.  Then my brother woke me up.  He said what do you see over by the wall?  I half sat up and said “the kite you bought today is flying around the room over in the corner”.   He then knew he was not dreaming or asleep.

We didn’t have switches in the house but had pull chains. We ran a string from the light to the head board to work the light because we would forget to turn it off and that was annoying.

After I told Dave what I was seeing too, he reached over and turned on the light only to find the kite still sitting on the floor where he had left it.

Earlier that day he bought a diamond shaped kite. He got it out when he got home and it had a picture of a skull and cross bones on the front.. He didn’t tell our parents as they would have had us break it and throw it away so he hid it in the room after he flew it.      Dave then reached for that string and turned on the light and boom it was in the same place as it was before. We both rationalized that it was just shadows that made it look like it was flying. After a little debate, we turned off the light and instantly the kite was flying again in a much bigger area and we shoved our heads under the covers.  (Denial was over)

This time we remembered we were not to play with evil and what fellowship has light with darkness etc..  We learned these things from the bible and our parents but the importance got drove home in our minds that night.     We turned on the light and boom, it was back on the floor where it was before. Dave then rebuked it and ran to it and he quickly shoved it into the closet and shut the door. He came back to bed and we decided we would burn it in the morning and that God would protect us for the rest of the night.     As we laid there we could hear it banging on the door like it was knocking for us to let it out.  It was dealt with!

I had forgotten about this. In this re-living, I was remembering but also taking a different path in that i was troubled that it made it into my house and eventually realized I was re-living it and what it actually was.

The devil tries to duplicate what God does, The bible calls it divination and witchcraft.     This occurrence was allowed to see if I would toy with it in my mind. ( i did not )  and when I came out of it I could hear the guttural and throat gargling sound like a tiger or lion does in my right ear as it sat on my shoulder. ( Yes in this case, I felt pressure on my shoulder ) It was then that I knew I needed to merely expose it and use as a teaching as it has no power over me… and it was gone.

Today humans don’t fear or respect the spirit realm and many don’t believe or understand their enemy or God. Hard to fight a spiritual battle in the flesh, in fact you have lost before you even start. Do we even have a war? How can two dwell together except they be agreed?

This life lesson is a building block as to why I stand against the acceptance of such things and also the fact the bible talks about such spiritual beings. The Bible says 1/3 of the angels fell with Lucifer and they could see God and knew His power.     They tremble at his power and so should those who stand against him in evil things or even against His servants.  God sees attacks on his servants or children as attacks on Him. This also includes those he puts in charge, yes that means even the politician and government official.

mat10:27-29 Luke 12:4-6 Heb 10:31 1 peter 2:13-17    The Bible separates fear and revere as two separate things. If we don’t fear (Respect) him, we won’t revere him and we won’t worship him. In doing this, many today don’t fear the enemy and tend to do acts of worship to him by doing things God hates and while many don’t know it, many justify it.  In eph. 5:10 we find out that A believer strives to please God. He strives to do what is right in Gods eyes.

If my brother sees this, he will remember it and he was older and may remember more of it.     I dwell in the house of the Lord and believe that what we fill ourselves with is what comes out of us.     Don’t be deceived.   I think in this life story, I was around 6.

To contend for the Faith means speaking truth no matter if it’s not received  (like Jeremiah).  Usually these days, it is not.  Jeremiah was to most people a Debbie downer because most of what he did was to warn of calamity. He didn’t tickle ears.   Today we are told not to base beliefs on experiences but by the bible and today, many have few experiences because they are over looked or denied, but I tell you base it on the bible and experiences.     Test all things against the word and learn obedience to trigger Gods anointing in your life while you abide in Him, while worshiping and seeking Him first. Worship Him in spirit and in Truth. Live in the light.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

While I was pressing in this morning something was shown to me i want to share. I am going to tell what was shown to me and  then tell what i was told right after as far as what it ment.

kids like to play in sand boxes .. in there you can build what ever you want to build, like a castle ,tunel, roads etcc..

When they play in the sandbox sand gets all over them and they need to clean up so the parents tell them go inside, leave your clothes on the floor by the door and take a shower.  Please dont run threw the house but go diirectly to the shower, I dont want that sand all over the house…  We stand in the soap and water and it runs down the drain …

This is what i was shown was the meaning to it.

We as christiansor humans  tend to put God in a box..  we alter Him to something we would rather him  be  or limit what He can do by our perceptions of Him. In doing that we are tainted by those things and become dirty in His eyes .. We get our eyes opened to that fact and want to be cleaned (reconciled) so we go to his house and lay all our cares and desires before Him in total repentence. This then leavs us naked before him in our flesh.  He inturn because of our submission to Him, clenses us of our sins and removes them as far as the east is from the west.  he bathes us in the shower of His Holy spirit helping us to grow and over come. This makes all the things of the flesh fall off and it then goes to the drain to never be put back on again.  It is this that makes us the pure spotless bride without spot or wrinkle and pure heart and motives…

God’s Chisel

God’s Chisel

The Skit Guys do several videos on their YouTube channel that I have come to enjoy greatly. Each one has a moral or lesson that each person tends to struggle with atleast once in their life. We have to leave our own path and follow God’s.

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