The Unknown God

The Unknown God

We can talk to pastors today and they say something is wrong but they don’t know how to fix it so they do the same things. Are the views and teachings different than what Jesus taught and if so, why do we not go back to the same teachings?

Many today have recognized that the teachings are not as he taught.

When we talk to people today, we find that we run into many who have left Christianity for other religions like Islam, Buddhism or Tao. We find that even more take a stance of “I can just be good or do good” or they take an agnostic approach while others take on an atheistic approach. Most who we come into contact with who have taken on one of these religions used to be Christian and grew up in a Christian home. We find most have been offended in some way by Christianity and say they are judgmental and hold a double standard and the teachings are different than what Jesus taught.

It is because of this they say Christianity can’t be right or it would line up with what Jesus taught

When we take the time to minister to people we find some have studied some things out and are correct in some of what they say. They bring up arguments on topics like pagan holidays or the origins of yoga and martial arts being from the eastern nations. They have also figured out that most won’t recognize Jesus because he was from the east too.  Most would not follow him today just because of the color of his skin. Some Americans think he will be an American in the way he looks and acts.

Much has changed in Islamic and Buddhist teachings about Jesus over the past few years due to physical evidence he existed.  Science has caught up with the bible in some ways in reference to Jesus and Genesis but most eastern religions used to teach he never existed. Many easterners said he was just a prophet and would never call himself God.   Islamic and Buddhist worshipers used to say they worshiped God and said he was the same God Christians worshiped.   Christians call God the “Most High God.”  Now Muslims also say they worship Allah the “Most High God”.   Muslims never used to phrase it that way.

What is the truth behind Jesus?  Is He the Son of God?

Is he the Messiah that Amos and Isaiah point to? Is he the one that Jews and Muslims alike refuse to look at even though they say they believe in both Amos and Isaiah’s as legitimate books of the bible?  They say these books of the bible match up with the dead sea scrolls.

Why are there so many people who say they know Him yet do things he hates and calls sin?

Why do we have so many denominations and separations with different teachings?

Why is God so distant and unknown these days like in Athens of Rome?

Today people wonder:  “Does he even answer prayer?” Is it really that way or does it just appear that way to most?

We here at Fire Of God Ministries want to make God known to man and help man be known by God personally. We want them to experience a relationship so strong that they can never deny his existence and who he is. We want to end the Nicolatians(rev. 2:6 14-15 acts 6:5) teachings of mystery Babylon and serve one God and serve God first. We want to believe and be immersed in Jesus and show others how to do the same and make God and His Kingdom known again on earth as it is in heaven.

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