Brazil Ministry

Brazil Ministry

To Brazil and Beyond (Called to the Nations)

While Fire Of God Ministries is based out of the United States, we have a passion and calling to go to the Nations to teach and train Jesus disciples to go do the same. When you pray ‘Lord show me where you need me to go to do your will’, God will show you and see if you will be obedient.

teach, preach, train, desciples, jesus, bibleDavid White has shown God he would be obedient (Mathew 28:19) and it was no surprise when God said ‘Go to Brazil and bring my Kingdom to them there!” (Luke9:3)  Dave has left all his belongings and even family behind (Geneses 22:12 and Proverbs 3:6)  to go preach God’s word to the world in spite of many who do not understand and criticize him for it. Jesus said to Love God is the first and most important command and the second is to love others as yourself. To Love God means obedience and in obedience you will Love others with the love of God. The season of Dave working without his family in Brazil has come to a close and his wife and daughter are with him. They have recently moved into a house of there own and God has big plans for them there in Boituva and all of Brazil while going into many neighboring nations. In this Obedience, God has been doing a mighty work in Brazil and is using Fire Of God Ministries but really he is using the Bride of Christ to do the end time work for what we believe to be the final epic battle for Jesus’ return.Many spiritualist and devil worshipers are finding Christ Jesus in the streets and in the Amazon, Paraguay and other surrounding counties. God is not finished but only getting started.

Fire of God Ministries is currently working with people in Brazil who have a heart and a strong burning fire for God to build and bring about Gods Kingdom in truth, honesty and integrity.  We are working with many Assemblies of God and with Cadeeso and Thomas Kaehemba and others in Kenya Africa  to reach the lost. The fire and passion is so strong in many people here in Brazil that after preaching at a local church there and a video of what is going on in the valley that the church talked to a collage that they had connections with to see if they could get 40 of the old desks from them. They want to be apart of what God is doing in this valley so much that they donated the desks to Fire  of God Ministries and want to do missions and evangelism in the valley with us to help take the valley back for Gods Kingdom. We believe that God wants to do a great work in this valley and is placing key people to help there and in many other places.

We currently have a house and land in Brazil ( the valley of transformation page) and we are listening to God to see if we are to move forward in the future for building a church or a training facility to continue on a larger scale the training and teaching of the word of God.

train, bible, teach, jesus, brazil, descipleWe are working on  holding bible studies, English classes in Villa De Paz, Cortia and in Camdo- Limpo but also hold prayer gatherings along with worship services out of the Ministry house and in many places on the spot in the community and are looking to see what God wants us to do next. While we believe that this is part of what we are to do, we know God wants the streets to be where we focus our ministry most of the time. God has shown us over and over His love and compassion for humanity and to those who Love Him and need Him.

Fire of God Ministries is currently working with our brothers and sisters in much of Brazil.  We will soon be ministering in neighboring countries and will be traveling across most of the United States as well as some other nations.  We plan to teach and train wherever and who ever God leads to do Gods will. Live and serve Jesus first in all things and in all seasons , Believe and be immersed in Jesus the Christ!

(The valley of transformation page)

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