If There is a God, Why Did He Let This Happen?

If There is a God, Why Did He Let This Happen?


Do i have the complete answer written here no but it is on the right track. Details of how God does it is personal to each with common ground with Jesus and the Holy Spirit at work in us and threw us..

While thinking just now, the thought appeared about how violent things where in the old testament by Gods chosen people even. I have had many ask why all this violence and religions justify there violence threw this.

Man was not like this in the garden. Adam started a tradition and put man in a state  of rebellion against God for all man kind. This rebellion goes into things done and thoughts we think and perspectives to where they are generally against Gods by default. all these things changed and have different levels of degrading farther away from Gods mind and thinking. The farther we drift from how it was before the fall in the garden, the more we degrade in thought and action. This is the more we do that is contrary to God and His nature and will. The more we do our will and not Gods will.
Jesus came to restore and make possible to have minds, actions and a possible state of reconciliation back to like before the garden. The first murder was after the garden and a first descendant of Adam and eve where Cain killed his brother able. This is a natural state of human decay without God.

We devolve from love and order to cayuse and murder.

Sin Separates Us From God
The more sin enters in the more that sin separates us from God  and the more of these things we will do.  Man in the old testament is so bent on wanting this stuff thatnwas against God that God had to make the tora and the ten commandments to govern that lawlessness. Humans still did what they wanted and killed and murdered and this was a way of life and thinking to get what they (man) wanted.
Those who truly lived by Gods laws new that was not Gods best or what God wanted and This is why God sent His Son Jesus.

God Is A Just God !
You see God destroyed the earth and all on it in a flood because of the sin and separation from Him by man. Noah and and his family where all that was left of humans after the flood.
God did a miracle and kept the gene pool working.
Jesus a descendant of Abraham Isac and Jacob filled the prophecies ( Isaiah had 200 prophecies alone about the messiah and other prophetic books had more prophecies too) that where told by the men who could hear and speak for God. Jesus was the only man to fulfill all of those prophecies and most mabe filled one. What are those odds to fill even 3?    Man tends to not want to hear God but run from Him ( example israel in the Desert) because they can not understand Him and they want to only trust in themselves. This thinking reveals a lot of religion stances.
Jesus changed things, He made a way to return to the mind God has and return to being in favor with God and be pleasing to Him again  or God would wipe all human kind off this earth again and have to start all over.

It is man that separates themselves from God.
What we do effects us but effects others. Is also called sowing and reaping or also cause and effect. If we rape a girl, it effects them normally for the rest of there life but also her children and who knows how many people she comes into contact with. Today in church and out people live and die with the same brokenness in there life. She see s herself  as a damaged a person who feels no value or worth. I can not be forgiven or any good.

God made a different way and only a few grab that way and listen to Him as most reject that way and degrade to a further separation from him with causes and effects compounded in there life and others in that separation.
This again is not how God wants it or his will but how man wants it and causes it.
We must bring that Hope and bring that answer if we have the love of God in us.( The Is The Gosple Of Jesus Christ)

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