Faith at it’s Worth

Faith at it’s Worth

The Mustered Seed Faith

I know I have heard that this seed is about having little faith and it moving mountains. Others have taught this is about the seed being the church with small beginnings and yes those can apply but I think those miss the large picture.

The parables before this parable are about God and what His Kingdom is like. According to scripture, God is about reproducing Himself and bringing about His Kingdom on earth.(Mat. 6:10) Jesus came to undo the works that the devil(1 John 3:8) did and bring reconciliation for mankind. Jesus was to remove the separation between God and man so we became the temple of God. The separation happened because of the fall of Adam in the garden. (1 cor. 15:22 and verse 45)  We are His children! ( Galatians 3:26)

I have heard Christian teachers say Jesus was not about Faith!

Faith is what pleases God (Hebrews 11:6) in fact it is impossible to please God without Faith.  If we view mountains as trials in life then  I think we need a lot of Faith since Jesus was all about Faith and saying over and over, ” o ye of little faith”  (Mathew 8:26, Mathew 6:30, Mathew 6:27, Isaiah 40:6-8)    (To mention a few and the  relations to the bible and plants to us.)

I think a little faith might relate to a new born Christian. I believe that the Christian (Believer) then needs to mature into the character of the mustard seed (sanctification) as it learns to persevere and become stable in its growth and overcoming. (Revelation 3:21 and to all the churches)

I believe also that we then must be about others (Agape Love)(Mathew 10:8) (Mathew 28:19-20) as it multiplies and fertilizes the soil for the next season of fruit on the vine for themselves but becomes more about others first or thinking of them before us. We are commanded to seek first the Kingdom of God with a hunger and a thirst after righteousness.(Mathew 6:32-24)

What is righteousness and how do we obtain it?
pure, pure gold, holiness, sanctification

Righteousness is being like God : Holy and pure minded! ( 1 Cor. 2:16)

It operates in God’s love and it seeks to be well pleasing to God. It is the fear of the lord in a reverential way. It longs to Love what God Loves and Hate what God Hates. It is Holiness done threw the blood of the lamb and lived out threw sanctification in our daily walk.

Most of this we know and hear all the time but do not apply it and yet the Kingdom of heaven is like because these are Gods character and nature!

How long the Jesus disciples Have?

They did not have 40 years or more to learn!

How many times like in Hebrews do we hear you are on milk when you should be eating meat?  ( Hebrews 5:12, 1 Corinthians 3:2, 1 cor. 13:1-13) ( most don’t attain any of this before death} (Mathew 7:16)


I think it is time for us to grow into man hood or adult and not remain as a child or infant. Faith is what allows us to trust God and see God in action because what we could not see but believed starts to manifest in the physical…………. FAITH IS SIMPLY A FORM OF BELIEVE! .. (Pistos) We know we believe when we don’t waver in trials and persecution but rejoice giving praises to God in it all and mean it. I need this today. . Thank you Lord!mustard seed, faith, holiness, the fathers house

The rest of the story : Meat

We are to guard the vineyard and be like the mustard seed and follow hard after Jesus and protect the vine or the true gospel. We are to have a faith that won’t quit but one that is contages and multiplies its fruit and exposes all untruth and darkness. It roots out the thrones in us for all to see and shares what God has done in us.  We do this to Him all glory, honor and praise because we cannot do it on our own.. You see if we do not do this then we just practice religion and have words but no action! All of those watching see it and they see us blown around acting like a chameleon. We change and conform to whatever we are around instead of being steadfast. We then have a faith of wrong works or no works that is consumed by fire and burns up because this faith is placed in wrong things.

In these times,

two in the field, end time harvest, Kingdom of heaven This will put two in the field side by side working together but only one taken or his. The guarding of truth or returning to truth these days is the only way Gods kingdom shall return. Indeed the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, but not like what’s taught as it is so much more. If you where the devil and you could get people to believe in small faith and not character of God :  Would that not be a Huge advantage to you in deceiving Gods children and cause them to fall.

You see small faith is easily killed by doubt and unbelief!

We are not to stay as infants in need of milk but to move to meat with a trusting attitude. We are not to remain like a child except in out trust in God and not in ourselves.

Remember Jesus in Mathew said repeatedly said “oohh you of little faith” . . . but these fruits shall manifest in those who are mine ….( Gal 5:22)  and remember Without faith, it is impossible to please God and Jesus asks will he find faith on earth when he returns?

The Balance Of Things

Let’s say for a moment that God uses a scale that has on one side, your flesh and its fruit but on the other side Is the Holy Spirit and its fruit… (based off gal. 5). He even tells us to use this scale to determine who are his when the Bible says by their fruit you shall know them ..

 What kind of tree they are perhaps. Are they a good tree bearing good fruit or a bad tree bearing bad or no fruit. Does he know them in communion or not.( Mat 7 )

Fruit of  the flesh is the knowledge of good and evil that the first Adam chose and is the  way of life that is always under Justice and law of the bond woman of slavery and not free or the freedom in Christ.

The use of the mustard seed in the physical

The mustard plant is a plant that grows in the winter months. In the summer months, the grapes for wine are grown and the vineyard keeper plants these mustard plants to help fertilize the soil but also to keep unwanted weeds and insects away. The very plant protects the vineyard.

 It makes for a healthy summer season when the vineyard grows its fruit for the season of new wine and new Harvest.

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