The Sandbox

The Sandbox

While I was pressing in this morning something was shown to me i want to share. I am going to tell what was shown to me and  then tell what i was told right after as far as what it ment.

kids like to play in sand boxes .. in there you can build what ever you want to build, like a castle ,tunel, roads etcc..

When they play in the sandbox sand gets all over them and they need to clean up so the parents tell them go inside, leave your clothes on the floor by the door and take a shower.  Please dont run threw the house but go diirectly to the shower, I dont want that sand all over the house…  We stand in the soap and water and it runs down the drain …

This is what i was shown was the meaning to it.

We as christiansor humans  tend to put God in a box..  we alter Him to something we would rather him  be  or limit what He can do by our perceptions of Him. In doing that we are tainted by those things and become dirty in His eyes .. We get our eyes opened to that fact and want to be cleaned (reconciled) so we go to his house and lay all our cares and desires before Him in total repentence. This then leavs us naked before him in our flesh.  He inturn because of our submission to Him, clenses us of our sins and removes them as far as the east is from the west.  he bathes us in the shower of His Holy spirit helping us to grow and over come. This makes all the things of the flesh fall off and it then goes to the drain to never be put back on again.  It is this that makes us the pure spotless bride without spot or wrinkle and pure heart and motives…

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