USA Ministry

USA Ministry

America And Beyond: Strangers In A Foreign Home Land.

Fire of God Ministries in America has been around for years but not just under a name or title, because it was a part of who we are. We have been doing God’s work under the umbrellas of our local churches and being sent (apart from those churches) to minister to people for years. God was revealing aspects of the name “The Fathers House” for a church title and how it was to be a light on a hill, a place of refuge in a dark and lost land and it was our calling ever since we were children (the foundations of the world.) He made himself known to us and was teaching us at a very young age for such a time as this.

In our training, we would minister on streets or sometimes door to door. We would go into prisons, teen challenge or do volunteer work projects (like home building or electrical wiring, etc).., We would also go to our jobs, communities and churches to find the ones that God was wanting us to minister to. We would soon travel afar into other countries with the sole purpose of learning how to walk in God’s favor and fullness and doing the will of our father to bring about and promote His Kingdom. God has used us in the States and has sent us to other nations. He is now bringing a new season in our lives that He trained us for by His Spirit and the fruits are reaching across the globe and pray for Jerusalem and the ends of the earth.

The Vision For American Soil

awake oh ye sleepers again i say awake eph 5:14Fire Of God Ministries is currently ministering inside a local prison and Teen Challenge in Peoria with Pastor Bob Gronstal heading that up. We know that we are to plant a church training facility among the Amish. Ministering to the Amish is part of Bob’s calling.  Others we have come into recent contact with also have this calling.  This will help bring about what God revealed to us a few years back (about planting a church called the Father’s House among the Amish.) It is possible to plant it in Arcola, Illinois as there are a large number of Amish in this area.   It is in the countries that God takes us to where we want to properly train and raise up Jesus’ disciples and send them as God sends them out. We want them to have a full relationship with their maker and operate in His power to do God’s work. We will take each step as God opens the doors that no man can shut and we want Him to shut the doors that no man can open.

While there are other possibilities we know that much of what will be done will be based on the obedience of others and their submission to God. Obedience and submission to God are so very important that it makes what we are doing so very important. We have not been confined by churches and organizations so much but have been hitting the streets. We have been few but are working on making many. We are working in a land that fulfills very strongly both 2 Tim 3:5-7 and Mat 7:21-23 in the churches.  Today good is being called evil and evil is being called good. When people live their daily life and also when they die, they are displaying their lack of hope and faith. The living fall over from despair and need hope but can’t find it. Today people are so lost that in their torment, they reject hope and some collapse in torment to be carried away as the flames of hell  constantly lick at their feet. Many of these people will blame God later and will wait for hell to fully reach them.


It is our job as believers in Fire Of God Ministries to preach the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do his job. We will be working in the world but not like or of the world. We will be walking the straight and narrow path learning to call sin the same as what God calls sin and loving what He loves. We walk away from tradition and pagan holidays while we walk in Truth, Holiness and Righteousness while showing Gods Agape love. We also walk in power and in the armor of light. We do this in a dark and lost world that is in need of a savior but is rejecting the savior both inside and outside of the churches.

We are here to make people known by God and to make God known to this world!

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