Life Lessons From the Past

Life Lessons From the Past

We let our guard down

I don’t focus on evil spirits but their influence is very real. This is an excerpt of a book I am writing to help others grow as well.    To God Be All Glory!!        The battle of a believer is in the spirit and contends for the Faith which also means contending for Truth.

I once said when I cursed God and everything he stood for I had to do it even though I knew he was real.  I share stuff all the time to show how real he is and how he is active today but this is one such story that tells of the real spiritual realm also. This exposes the devil’s kingdom to shine light so people turn from it.

If my life experiences can help turn people from this or help build their Faith in God, then I want to do everything I can to do just that.     I will use the Good, the bad and even the ugly to show that in Christ Jesus we are overcomer’s.   This is the kingdom you are messing with if you dabble in magic, sorcery, star alignment, universe stuff, ouiji boards, vampires, horoscopes, fortune tellers and yes Halloween or any other pagan ritual. This is the dead, dark side. It is your Master if Jesus is not your master. If you Practice the arts or fill your mind with it in books and video, they will become a part of who you are.     I believe yoga and martial arts are two of the biggest gateways or doorways the enemy uses ( Eastern religion and traditions.)  This is what is messed with when you do the spirit calling motions and bow to your master to get the peace from within or the power from within.

Like the Holy Spirit, They want to inhabit you and make a home. It will tend to run your life and make the heart impure and deceived (unclean). It will defile the man when it comes out. It starts as a curiosity and moves to an obsession and then they possess you. They use gateways to entice us and we need to know our enemies tactics but also know Jesus and be known by Him. All things in our life make us what and who we are today so use this for good.

An interesting thing happened last night 5-2-2015. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t believe in learning the hard way.     That being said,  I believe in learning from mistakes of others both from life and from the bible.    My prayer for this is that it will bring to light a forgotten concept of where we live and reach down into you the need for Jesus. Once again, if my life experiences can bring about

In the bible (1 Pete1:5-7) it talks about manifold temptations and it is a way God will check your response and motives in situations and how you will respond.   It is also used to remove the log from your eye to see clearly to remove the log from another’s eye just like a regular life lessons. God is alive and active if we let him and if we Believe!      It  happens for me mostly in visions or dreams and once I learned it, I began to know and have no doubt for when the enemy attacks me. I count it all joy because I already overcame and he battles in the past mindset and that’s all he has.

Last night a similar thing happened only I was re-living a childhood experience. I know people today think differently than I do on stuff but this may help you to understand why I believe differently. This is a personal life experience that my brother and I shared.

It was just a kite

It was Just a Kite!   We didn’t practice it or dabble in the dark side or things that focused on the dead! We actually were against it already!!   The Bible calls it Divination and is not of God!   It is Demonic!  All we did was bring it home!

We were lying in bed and as I remember I was sound asleep.  Then my brother woke me up.  He said what do you see over by the wall?  I half sat up and said “the kite you bought today is flying around the room over in the corner”.   He then knew he was not dreaming or asleep.

We didn’t have switches in the house but had pull chains. We ran a string from the light to the head board to work the light because we would forget to turn it off and that was annoying.

After I told Dave what I was seeing too, he reached over and turned on the light only to find the kite still sitting on the floor where he had left it.

Earlier that day he bought a diamond shaped kite. He got it out when he got home and it had a picture of a skull and cross bones on the front.. He didn’t tell our parents as they would have had us break it and throw it away so he hid it in the room after he flew it.      Dave then reached for that string and turned on the light and boom it was in the same place as it was before. We both rationalized that it was just shadows that made it look like it was flying. After a little debate, we turned off the light and instantly the kite was flying again in a much bigger area and we shoved our heads under the covers.  (Denial was over)

This time we remembered we were not to play with evil and what fellowship has light with darkness etc..  We learned these things from the bible and our parents but the importance got drove home in our minds that night.     We turned on the light and boom, it was back on the floor where it was before. Dave then rebuked it and ran to it and he quickly shoved it into the closet and shut the door. He came back to bed and we decided we would burn it in the morning and that God would protect us for the rest of the night.     As we laid there we could hear it banging on the door like it was knocking for us to let it out.  It was dealt with!

I had forgotten about this. In this re-living, I was remembering but also taking a different path in that i was troubled that it made it into my house and eventually realized I was re-living it and what it actually was.

The devil tries to duplicate what God does, The bible calls it divination and witchcraft.     This occurrence was allowed to see if I would toy with it in my mind. ( i did not )  and when I came out of it I could hear the guttural and throat gargling sound like a tiger or lion does in my right ear as it sat on my shoulder. ( Yes in this case, I felt pressure on my shoulder ) It was then that I knew I needed to merely expose it and use as a teaching as it has no power over me… and it was gone.

Today humans don’t fear or respect the spirit realm and many don’t believe or understand their enemy or God. Hard to fight a spiritual battle in the flesh, in fact you have lost before you even start. Do we even have a war? How can two dwell together except they be agreed?

This life lesson is a building block as to why I stand against the acceptance of such things and also the fact the bible talks about such spiritual beings. The Bible says 1/3 of the angels fell with Lucifer and they could see God and knew His power.     They tremble at his power and so should those who stand against him in evil things or even against His servants.  God sees attacks on his servants or children as attacks on Him. This also includes those he puts in charge, yes that means even the politician and government official.

mat10:27-29 Luke 12:4-6 Heb 10:31 1 peter 2:13-17    The Bible separates fear and revere as two separate things. If we don’t fear (Respect) him, we won’t revere him and we won’t worship him. In doing this, many today don’t fear the enemy and tend to do acts of worship to him by doing things God hates and while many don’t know it, many justify it.  In eph. 5:10 we find out that A believer strives to please God. He strives to do what is right in Gods eyes.

If my brother sees this, he will remember it and he was older and may remember more of it.     I dwell in the house of the Lord and believe that what we fill ourselves with is what comes out of us.     Don’t be deceived.   I think in this life story, I was around 6.

To contend for the Faith means speaking truth no matter if it’s not received  (like Jeremiah).  Usually these days, it is not.  Jeremiah was to most people a Debbie downer because most of what he did was to warn of calamity. He didn’t tickle ears.   Today we are told not to base beliefs on experiences but by the bible and today, many have few experiences because they are over looked or denied, but I tell you base it on the bible and experiences.     Test all things against the word and learn obedience to trigger Gods anointing in your life while you abide in Him, while worshiping and seeking Him first. Worship Him in spirit and in Truth. Live in the light.

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