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Travels Made Difficult

Fire of God ministries has visited Kenya Africa in the past and we have been working with Pastor Thomas to bring the Gospel to all who will receive. We  have worked together to plant churches in remote areas and we  have seen many come to Christ and be set free from many sickness, addictions and even living under spiritual oppression.

The living water of Jesus has been poured out and many are finding  peace and healing in this country.

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Bring Christ church plant

The needs of this country are great and the needs for prayer are huge. Many are in need of a Savior but not just for eternal life but also for the lack of food and water. It is common the get the drinking water from puddles in the red  clay were the animals walk and relieve themselves.

Yes, the bare necessities we in some other country’s take for granted are heavily needed. It is the difficulties in life that have made their faith in Jesus strong as they depend on him for their every day needs and to send them the miracles for every day living. In this country, it is not uncommon to bathe out of a small bucket with only an inch of water and that is for the visitor. The luxury restroom is a hanging cloth with a hole in the ground. The very poor in our countries are the extreme rich in other countries. This is a country of many needs but is a country of much beauty in the land.

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Prayer Mountain

They have beautiful rocks and hills teaming with wild animals and life but they also  have barren desert lands were life is a battle.  The land here can look beautiful and be a joy to look at but can also be at the same time a land that is a fight for every day life. This is a country were we the fellow believers in Christ can go and bring the miracles they pray for. We can bring them Jesus and we can bring them the necessities for every day life threw our love and abundance. We can worship in spirit and in truth and learn from each other how to be content in every situation and count it all joy.

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The well is now finished thanks to all the support.

We are currently working with Pastor Thomas in the fundraising for a well for one of the church areas that  the people are drinking out of puddles. These drinking sources  have made many grown ups sick  and die  leaving there kids to fend for themselves as orphans. How much harder is this water on a child and how many are lost every year just because of poor drinking water? We need your help and support to help with this fundraising to help these families and children. Each day can mean the difference between life and death to so many. Jesus brought life and healing to the whole body and you can be a part of that too.

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