The Lesson of the Banana Tree

The Lesson of the Banana Tree

The Lesson Of The Banana Tree

While I was transplanting some banana trees one day, God began to speak to me. It was as if He was saying to my spirit “Dave do you see this clump of banana trees? Many churches are like this clump. They are made to grow in and near to the clump. They can only grow near to the first Banana tree also. It is easily forgotten that one day they had to be removed from that clump in order to grow and produce fruit.

Banana trees love to grow big and tall and produce fruit, but it is for only one time and for a very short season of their life. It is near the end of the fruit producing season that little banana trees began to grow near the base of the first tree.

These new trees will grow and produce fruit one time in the season. Like the original banana tree, the little new trees will began to grow. These trees they run into trouble when trying to grow big and strong because they are to near to each other and not allowed to be removed from the clump, the fruit will be small or not at all. Yes maybe some new trees will grow at the base but it will never have hope of producing its fruit in season when it is in the shadow of the first original banana tree.

 How God views the lessons

Manny lessons can be learned from Gods creation.Just like God wants us to grow, He knows at some point we must be transplanted so we can produce fruit in due season. You must tend to the banana tree and transplant the young ones apart from the first tree so it can grow and produce fruit. It is custom in the Brazilian culture that when the tree no longer produces fruit, they cut it down. This is so that the other trees can grow and produce fruit in due season too.

This is a lesson that the tenders of the orchard has taught to me. You see I transplant the young trees so they can produce fruit. however when the tree no longer produce fruit ans starts to prevent other trees from growing, I prune the garden and cut them down. Yes this is love and it allows the fruit to grow and new trees to grow in a healthy atmosphere. I tell you the church needs to learn the lesson of the banana tree.”

I now look at the banana tree and the church much different now, with great understanding.

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