The USA Project Video Short

The USA Project to start off with is a training center for Missionaries to come and get used to a foreign culture.

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West side available land area for out door crusades and events

Here we will minister on the streets and to the Amish and to where ever God leads us. The missionaries will come and live on site and do street ministry and teach the word of God so they are equipped in power for God to use them and send them out.

south side more available land

We are working inside of Phase 1 where we purchase the land. We have 2.4 archers to start off with once this purchase is done. We then have available to purchase 80 archers around the project. In phase we will buy land and begin crusade style worship in the open field area. We will have Amish craft shops and a Brazilian style food concessions stand to help generate project funding and develop relationships with the Amish and the surrounding communities. We want to tear down the divisions in the churches and have the body of Christ working together to further Gods Kingdom with each part of the body fitly joined together.

In phase 3, we plan to start a new church near the heart of the Amish land near Arthur Illinois.

The Lights Are On!
The Google Earth aerial View of the Land available to purchase for the projects
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